Where imagination comes to life

Creativity is the key to happiness. All of the creations you will see on this site brought me great joy!


Crooked Water Features

Not satisfied with just building stand alone birdhouses and garden structures, we decided to incorporate moving water on some of the creations. Whether it's a stream coming out of a leaky water tower and dripping down the roof to a crooked gutter into the pond or water shooting out a pipe to turn a waterwheel, the sound of running water is always soothing to the ear.


Crooked Light Fixtures

To add to the mix, we decided to add custom light fixtures. These custom theme fixtures can hang over the dining room table for endless dinner conversation. Or it can be in the form of a birdhouse and hang as a lamp. Another option is a fairy house night light. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination!


Fairy Houses

Fairy houses are quite the rage lately. Lots of nursery's are offering classes on building a personal fairy garden. Fairy gardens are a great way to get the creative juices flowing. My wacky crooked fairy houses are perfect for the fairy garden setting and beckon the fairy's into setting up residence.