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Untitled-Scanned-01I have been working with wood all of my life. The very first thing I made at 16 was a small picture frame out of some 100 year old oak molding I found in my grandfathers workshop. He was terrified to have me use the table saw (was sure I would cut my arm off) so I had to use it on the sly. Now that I’m approaching that age, I would feel the same about having a novice use a table saw for the first time! I did attend the university for 3 years but quickly discovered I was not cut out for corporate life and I was not a great student. Sitting in class bored me to tears and drove me to sleep. I have the type of mind that needs to be physically stimulated with hands on work so I fell into construction. In the early part of my life, I got into general construction slowly picking up all of the trades so I could always keep busy. I learned commercial steel stud framing, residential wood framing, drywall hanging, drywall tape and finish, exterior wood siding, stucco finish, cabinet building, minor plumbing, minor electrical, finish trim, and roofing. I have always been fascinated with small scale building, so in my spare time I would experiment with designing and building small houses.  When my daughter was two years old I decided to build her a playhouse. That launched a whole new career building custom playhouses all over the United States (www.lapetitemaison.com).  The birdhouse / fairy house part of my life came later after 20 years of playhouse and doghouse construction. The turning point came when Chad Blecha contacted me through the playhouse company wanting to know if I needed an assistant. I didn’t but Chad showed me some of his incredible drawings of fantasy crooked houses. I was so impressed with the drawings that I decided to try an make one come to life. It is difficult to build crooked as all my time had been devoted to straight and level lines. I had to constantly force my mind to think crooked!  All of the creations I make start with some kind of floor plan and literally grow from there. There is no way to predict what they will look like until completely finished. I come up with new ideas as I build. I have been blessed to enjoy everything that I have ever built. I have never had to “work” a day in my life. Going to my shop is like going to the playground. You can also visit the facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crooked-Creations/136840539685313

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